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It is really important to manage our waist size. Our waist circumference is now more important than the BMI (Body Mass Index) to measure overweight because of the association with the metabolic syndrome

The BMI does not take into account the fact that you can be heavy because of muscle
bulk - weight builders, rugby players are the classic examples, not because you are fat.
We now know that it is the central fat - around the tummy not just overall fat collection that leads to what is known as insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome. So BMI doesn’t reflect central fat - one of the main causes of the metabolic syndrome

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Insulin Resistance
Central fat (fat stored around the abdomen) is strongly associated with insulin resistance.

Insulin is a hormone that regulates the body’s blood sugar. In insulin resistance insulin cannot control levels of blood glucose effectively causing high levels of glucose to remain in the blood. Insulin resistance is directly linked to the metabolic syndrome and therefore type 2 diabetes.
Central Obesity
Are you an Apple or a Pear?

The importance of the fact that it is not just being overweight and fat but also about where the fat is on our bodies we must try to have less fat around our abdomen.We should therefore try to be shaped more like a pear than a apple - less fat around the waist (the classic beer belly) and natural fat distributed around the hips, buttocks, thighs.
  How to measure your waist size (it’s not your trouser or clothing size!!)
Remember - “Apple shaped” people have a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer than those who are “pear shaped”