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Independent Organisational Wellbeing Audits "Where are you now?"
Our expertise and experience in all areas of organisational wellbeing allows us to offer independent impartial advice to both public and private sector organisations.

Modern organisational wellbeing needs to be continually reviewed in order to monitor, maintain and improve service delivery and to update on new research and developments in the field of wellbeing at work.

We applaud organisations who have implemented wellbeing initiatives. In our experience, however we have found on numerous occasions that these are often fragmented and uncoordinated.

Our audits ensure that you are up to date with legislative change and best practice in Occupational Health and will help you to focus your programme towards your business needs.
Our Audits are particularly useful if you:
Have an existing service/programme and wish to identify gaps and methods of improvement
Would like expert support in composing a tender that meets your bespoke wellbeing needs
Have existing services, but lack branding, integration and buy in
Are starting out on your wellbeing journey and need understand the drivers which are influencing the psychological contract, staff turnover and absenteeism.
Options for the Audits include:
Occupational health needs analysis
Audit of existing services and suppliers
Online occupational health audit
Full organisational health and wellbeing audit
Audit of absence management
Wellbeing strategy "Where do you want to be?"
The development of a wellbeing strategy will give your programme focus, integration and alignment.

Our specialist consultancy team can help you to design a strategic plan that reflects your business type, needs and stage of development.

A strategy is designed to move your organisation from illness management spend to investment in wellbeing enhancement. Progammes will help enhance productivity and performance at work, reduce presenteeeism and improve morale and organisational culture.

All strategies will be developed in line with the Governments Health, Work and Wellbeing Strategy.
Defining your wellbeing strategy will help you to:
Raise the importance of wellbeing on the corporate agenda
Secure or initiate discussions on funding
Provide a clear framework from which to operate within
Provide branding and visibility
Integrate interventions and providers
Establish defined deliverables and metrics
Stakeholder buy in
Options for strategy development include:
3 to 5 year organisational wellbeing strategy
Occupational health strategy
Absence management strategy
Wellbeing solutions "Delivering best practice solutions"
Finding the right solution needs careful consideration if it is to have a long lasting effect. Our expertise can support you in the following ways:

Intervention design - It is vital to implement best practice solutions that meet the needs of your organisation. Our interventions plans will provide best practice reviews, policy development and intervention frameworks.
Examples include:
Stress Management
Common Health Problems
Health Promotion
Market research - Our market research can help you understand the marketplace, providers and current research.

Evaluation of progress - Our philosophy is that "if you can't measure it you can't control it, if you can't control it you can't manage it": Our experience in data management will help you to set in place the key metrics which to show individual and organisational change.For more details on our Wellbeing solutions contact us